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Croatian Brides

Sometimes, you must travel a bit for beauty. Croatian brides are beautiful, and they will be everything you want in a woman. They typically have light olive skin, brown hair, and brown eyes, though beautiful blondes are common too. One of the most fascinating aspects of women from Croatia is how they age so beautifully. You will be amazed by how much you share with a Croatian bride. A Croatian woman likes to have fun and you’ll be able to put a smile on her face just by taking her out for dinner and maybe a little dancing. Croatians are so easy to fall in love with. With their fine looks and sincere love of life, our Croatian brides are sure to give you the excitement you have been craving in a mate. Visit Rose Brides and find the perfect Croatian girl for you.

About Croatia

Croatia is located in Southeastern Europe. The country borders the Adriatic Sea between Bosnia and Herzegovina. Other countries that share a border with Croatia are Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. Croatia has a continental climate. Over four million people live in Croatia, with a median age of 40.8 years old.

Croatian Women

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Croatian bride - Vlatka from Zagreb


Vlatka 30 y.o.

From Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian bride - Sabaheta from Zagreb


Sabaheta 50 y.o.

From Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian bride - Mila from Pula


Mila 41 y.o.

From Pula, Croatia
Croatian bride - Hannah from Zagreb


Hannah 29 y.o.

From Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian bride - Ivana from Varazdin


Ivana 35 y.o.

From Varazdin, Croatia
Results: 1-5 of 5
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Kera 29 y.o.

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Daria 31 y.o.

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Karina De 22 y.o.

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Brazilian bride - Katyucia from Natal


Katyucia 30 y.o.

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Brazilian bride - Isabella from Sao Paulo


Isabella 25 y.o.

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Tajikistani bride - Tina from Dushanbe


Tina 30 y.o.

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